Team Members

Dr. Michael Adachi

Assistant Professor

Dr. Adachi joined the School of Engineering Science at Simon Fraser University as an Assistant Professor in Fall, 2016. Prior to joining SFU he worked at GlobalFoundries, Hopewell Junction, NY from 2015-16 where he helped with the development of 7 nm and 14 nm CMOS technology for next generation processors. From 2012-2015 he worked in Prof. Sargent’s group at the University of Toronto, and demonstrated sustained lasing using colloidal quantum dots and plasmonic enhanced absorption in colloidal quantum dot solar cells. During Dr. Adachi’s PhD at the University of Waterloo, he fabricated Si nanowire solar cells and demonstrated ultra-high absorption in disordered core-shell crystalline-amorphous Si nanowires. During his Master’s, he fabricated thin film Si solar cells on flexible substrates. He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of The Electrochemical Society and ECS Sensors Plus journal.

PhD Students

Amin Abnavi

Hamidreza Ghanbari

Mirette Fawzy (Senior supervisor: Dr. Karen Kavanagh)

Mohammad Reza Mohammadzadeh

Ribwar Ahmadi

Fahmid Kabir

Zanko Rouein

Reyhaneh Ahmadzadeh

BASc Honours Students

Justin Hua

Abdelrahman Askar (PhD student). Thesis title: “High frequency applications of 2D MoS2 and Tellurium”, Current position: Senior Product Engineer, Microchip, Canada.

Amirhossein Hasani (PDF). Project title: “VOC sensors based on 2D materials” 2023, Current position: Assistant Research Professor, Montana State University-Bozeman, USA

Thushani De Silva (MASc student). Thesis title: “Development of an Aptasensor for Detection of Tumour Necrosis Factor Alpha based on Transition Metal Dichalcogenide” 2022, Current position: Cleanroom Technician, Meta Materials Inc.

Yue Ling (BASc Honors Student). Thesis title: “Cytokine-Detecting Biosensor: Covalently Functionalizing Surfaces with Aptamers for Reusable and Fast Detection of Small Proteins” 2021, Current position: Graduate student, UC Berkeley

Prabhat Kumar (MEng student). Project title: “Electronic Printed Circuit Board Implementation for an Isothermal Diagnostic Device” 2021, Current position: Hardware Developer, Dell Technologies.

Sikandar Aftab (Postdoctoral Researcher). Project title: “Flexible monocrystalline Si solar cells” 2021, Current position: Assistant Professor, Sejong University

Rowshan Rahmanian (Postdoctoral Researcher). Project title: “Integration of 3D monocrystalline Silicon” 2021, Current position: Instructional Designer, Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Bakhtiar Azim (MASc student). Thesis title: “Light Emission Properties of CVD Grown 2D monolayer WS2 for Optoelectronic Applications,” 2020. Current position: Supervisor-Lab Facilities, EVRAZ.

Saad Zahid (MEng student). Project title: “Fabrication of doped graphene/copper layered nanocomposite for electrodes,” 2019. Current position: SCADA Engineer, BC Hydro.

Peng Wu (Postdoctoral Researcher). Project title: “Flexible monocrystalline solar cells,” 2020. Current position: Assistant Research Professor, ShanghaiTech University.

Trevor Hicks (MEng student). Project title: “Electronic Design and Assembly of An Isothermal Diagnostic Detector,” 2020. Current position: Project Leader, Vancouver Coastal Health.

Amandeep Kaur (MEng student). Project title: “Design of hardware components for a prototype fluorescence-based isothermal Diagnostic Detector,” 2020, Current position: Engineer (PCB), Semios

Bud Yarrow (BASc Honors Student). Thesis title: “Tunable MoS2 Layer-Modulated Diode and the Rapid Prototyping of Atomically Thin
Semiconductor Devices,” 2018. Current position: Product Engineer, Microchip

Sona Moradi (Postdoctoral Researcher). Project title: “Fabrication of heterojunction Si solar cells by PECVD,” 2018. Current position: Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Abbott.