The SFU Nanodevice Fabrication Group is located on Burnaby campus in the School of Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada.  Our research focus is the fabrication of 2D material (graphene-like material) devices. Areas of applications include diagnostic sensors, photodetectors, high frequency electronics and clean energy.

Our facilities consist of a multi-chamber deposition cluster tool for plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, magnetron sputtering, and high-temperature evaporation and two chemical vapor deposition systems for 2D material growth. Facilities also include photonic characterization such as photoluminescence, absorption, and solar cell characterization. Fabrication of devices involving photolithography and wet/dry etch processes are performed in the Engineering Science cleanroom, and material characterization in SFU 4DLabs.

Because of the multi-disciplinary nature of our research we work with collaborators in the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Kinesiology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and Health Sciences.


Fabrication of 2D material devices

2D materials have evolved into one of the leading topics in the field of material science and solid-state physics. Our research focus is fabricating 2D material devices for different applications.


Our lab facilities include a multi-chamber cluster deposition tool consisting of two plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) chambers , and two magnetron sputtering chambers.


We are looking for students excited about developing next generation semiconductor devices using nanomaterials.