Our group uses the following facilities on SFU Burnaby campus, BC:

Fabrication equipment:

  • Multi-chamber cluster deposition tool consisting of plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), magnetron sputtering chamber, high temperature evaporation, and atomic layer deposition (ALD).
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition system for large area MoS2 synthesis.
  • Hydrothermal Reactor for 2D tellurium synthesis.

Material and Device characterization:

  • Transient photoluminescence.
  • Transmission, Reflectance, Absorption using an integrated sphere in the visible (300-1100nm) and infrared regions (900-1700nm).
  • Temperature controlled probing stage.
  • Solar simulator (AM1.5 Global) and External Quantum Efficiency measurements.
  • Volatile organic compound and inorganic gas testing system.
  • Fume hoods for sensor functionalization.
  • Probe Station.

Engineering Science Cleanroom shared facilities:

  • mask aligners for photolithography
  • reactive ion etch (RIE)
  • wet etch processes (fume hood)
  • deep reactive ion etch (DRIE)
  • XeF2 etch
  • Dektak thickness profiler
  • four point probe
  • Atomic Force Microscope.

A variety of fabrication and characterization equipment is also available at SFU’s 4DLABs (www.4dlabs.ca).